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E2 India had been found during the year 2013. We have 20 years of experience and maintaining a large portfolio of elevator industry. We are Sub Contractors for major manufacturers. In addition to serving our own clients, we do provide city wide troubleshooting services to the whole elevator industry across south India. We are able to provide a comprehensive range of services all over India.

We provide best engineers for installation, modernisation, maintenance and erection for your elevators. Also we do provide latest technology and latest best equipments.

Our Vision is to be Local Market Leader in Elevators Installations and Maintenance.
Our Mission is to provide our clients with quality service in Installation and Maintenance of Elevators in a Timely and Professional Manner.
Our workforce is our strength. And we protect our strength with responsible and safe practices towards both our workers and clients. Safety regulation principles are highly applied in all Installation Activities.
Attention to details and proper method of statements has always been the motto to provide our clients with the best quality of services.
Knowing the field we are in with proper management and supervision is the receipt to provide our clients with fast installation Services.
We have a dedicated team of lift engineers who are able to successfully tackle all types of lift work and services. We are able to boast a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience in regards to any aspects of maintenance and repair of all types and manufacturers of lifts, and we are able to deal with any problem that may occur, whether it be a minor problem or a major construction issue
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Analyzed user's needs, and then designed, tested and developed software to meet those needs. Created flowcharts, diagrams, detailed sets of instructions (algorithms), worked on documentations creation. Maintained general computer applications and specialized utility programs.
Responsible for designing, creating, and delivering marketing programs to support the growth and expansion of company products and services. Developed sales presentations and provided reports based on marketing trends, competition, new products and pricing.
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Our Services

Testing and Commissioning

E2 India will supply all types of Service Engineers like Testing and Commissioning which are already available in our sites. Our professional Engineers are standard solution covering the most common requirements up to fully customized solutions to meet any customer’s requirement.


E2 India will directly visit to your site in order to install the elevators. Evident with its fast and On-time schedule delivery of mechanical & Semi-electrical installations along with professional engineers on our site utilizing experienced team of installers backed up with senior engineers and managers, who ensures the quality and the sage operations together.


Maintenance service is considered the most important phase after the Elevator installation and it is considered to be the key factor in having a longer life for the Elevators and Lifts. E2 India Maintenance Service always provides its business partners with quality and professional maintenance service along with Safety, Financial and Comfort benefits.

        E2 India


E2 India provide best technical team those all are sorts of Elevators. All repair services are performed to minimize the cost and reduce time for the customer. The company plans all main repair services in advanced.


With the most comprehensive maintenance program, all lifts, eventually, require modernisation or replacement. Delaying modernisation too long will result in the same detrimental effects that would result from ignoring the maintenance requirements.

Many do not recognise the symptoms of a declining lift early enough to avoid a crisis. Lift problems, such as downtime and slow operation, are obvious while others, such as high energy usage and electrical noise generation, are not.


Lift Upgradation are to be regularly examined and given proper lift maintenance by appropriately qualified operatives.





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